ROOS KOBUS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ︎︎︎                                                                    



Overconsumption of everyday use products is not uncommon in the Netherlands, consumers are stimulated to constantly replace products, even though they are still in good condition. These products end up as trash in landfills or are burned, this overconsumption in the long term lead to a reduction in natural recourses, and CO2 emissions which contributes to environmental degradation.

I wonder what my role as a designer is in this process. How do I create without contributing to more consumption? Can I create by removing materials instead of adding them?

MIN is a series of products designed with the methodology of creating by removing. Three classic design objects are reconstructed, the lamp, chair, and table, to question their material and practical use. 

This search for a new relationship between human and objects translates into a film. The removal techniques used become gradually more extreme, to the point where all materials are removed entirely., forcing the consumer into a certain interaction with her new objects.

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Removed materials